3rd EFSPI Workshop on Regulatory Statistics


24 - 25th September 2018


Oekolampad Church Allschwilerplatz 22 CH – 4055 Basel Switzerland

The 3rd regulatory statistics workshop took place in Basel on 24th and 25th September 2018. You will find the flyer and presentations from the successful meeting below.

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ICH E9(R1): Status of addendum and comments
Efficacy independent of relapse HA interactions before ICH E9 R1
Need for Treatment strategy as an estimand attribute
Trimmed mean to handle missing/meaningless outcomes - a recommendation from FDA
Estimands for Recurrent Event data
Efficiency comparisons of recurrent event and time-to-first event analysis
Group Sequential designs for recurrent events.
Regulator’s view on estimands for time-to-event data
Master protocols: MHRA experience
European regulators’ view on platform trials
Master Protocols – FDA Oncology Experience
When a Threshold Crossing approach may and may not be appropriate.
Complementing evidence from a small scale RCT by registry data in a rare disease setting
Regulatory considerations when supplementing confirmatory RCTs with non-randomised external data
HTA considerations when supplementing RCT with non-randomized data
Model-based extrapolation between dosing regimens
Testing treatment effect when hazards are non-proportional
Is adherence to placebo control sometimes doing a disservice to both current and future patients?
Regulatory experience with regard to submissions that include modelling and simulation
Uncertainty in Benefit-Risk Assessment