Benefit-Risk SIG

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The benefit-risk special-interest-group is a cross-pharma and academia group of statisticians working together on statistical topics related to benefit-risk. The group is chaired by Alexander Schacht (Lilly) and co-chaired by Ian Hirsch (AstraZeneca). Further members represent Amgen, Bayer, Roche, Novartis, IRIServier, Pfizer, ICON, Astellas, Abbott, GSK, and Imperial College. The main aims of the Benefit-Risk Special Interest Group are split into 5 key areas

  1. To understand how best to apply Benefit-Risk Methodologies across the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  2. To share examples of how Benefit-Risk has been used within pharmaceutical companies, any best practices arising from them and how they can best be used from an industry perspective.
  3. To discuss and make recommendations on key methodological issues for example utility functions and weighting approaches.
  4. To share external information including new developments around Benefit-Risk including those in the literature and outputs from Benefit-Risk initiatives and to produce guidance on how best they can be used within the EFSPI arena.
  5. Outputs from the first 4 areas will be used to inform, educate and pass on learning for those within EFSPI and its affiliations.