Biomarkers SIG

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The Biomarker Special Interest Group (SIG) was formed in early 2008. Many of the SIG’s events attracted attendees from across Europe and far beyond on occasions. The group was set up to enhance knowledge of the statistical methods and study designs related to the use of biomarkers in pharmaceutical development within the statisticians who are employed by the Pharmaceutical Industry and also to provide a forum for the sharing of experience between them.

Over the past 6 years the Biomarker SIG has held many face-to-face scientific meetings and conference sessions on a wide variety of biomarker related topics including:

  • The use of biomarkers in early clinical development
  • The use of Omics and high dimensional biomarker data
  • Experimental design for biomarker related studies in late stage development (including personalised medicine approaches)
  • The validation and qualification of biomarkers, including for diagnostic development
  • Practical challenges in the use of biomarkers
  • Translation of pre-clinical and safety biomarkers to the clinic