Estimands addendum is final: Anything new for oncology?


29th June 2020

Novartis Auditorium
Fabrikstrasse 15


After the publication of the final version of the ICH E9 addendum, the BBS jointly with EFSPI would like to offer a full-day seminar on the broad topic of estimands in oncology drug development. The event will feature talks from statisticians and clinicians in industry, regulatory agencies, and academia.

It is the explicit intention of the event to extend the estimand discussion to those who partner with statisticians in drug development, i.e. clinicians, regulatory colleagues, etc.

For this reason, many of the talks in the program are shared between a statistician and a clinician.

This meeting will bring together speakers from industry, academia and regulatory agencies, who will address questions relating to reproducibility in clinical research and the role statistics (and statisticians) have in ensuring clinical research is conducted and reported in a reproducible manner

Room 314
Institut Henri Poincaré
11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris
Room 314

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